To learn more about services provided in the areas of academic computing, administrative systems, telephone and voice services, and network support solutions, visit the home page of the Office of Information Resources Technology.

To learn more about the integration of technology into the FDU curriculum, visit the home page of the Office of Educational Technology.

The mission of the Office of Information Resources Technology (OIRT) is to provide and promote information technology services that support the University community and provide leading technology for the drastic changing environment as well as to create an IT-intensive environment that facilitates teaching, learning, research and administration.

OIRT currently contains the following four divisions:

University Systems and Security - oversees the design, installation, and maintenance of the campus network. USAS provides direct access to the Internet, Webmail, and many other resources throughout the campus; including academic departments and offices, computing service labs, and residence halls.

Telephone and Voice Services - provides the campus with both basic and advanced telecommunications services. They provide phone service, establish voice mail, coordinate repairs, add, move, and change phone numbers for the faculty, staff and students on both campuses.

Management Information Systems- provides and delivers technical support and assistance for all administrative functions using datatel's software applications. Design and implement user maintenance and reporting programs by working closely with system end users to define, design and implement solutions which meet user needs. Customize, modify programs report writing, documentation and facilitate computer and system usage through in house training and hands on assistance to users.

Computing Services - manages the University computer labs, develops and maintains the configurations of the laptop and desktop PCs, handles the PC software site licenses, runs the Novell servers, and provides general support for PCs at the University.

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> Lab D 206 Class Schedule
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> Front Lab Class Schedule
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> Acceptable Use Policy
> Residential Network Acceptable Use Policy
> Software Compliance & Distribution Policy
> Anti-Virus Software (For Current Students)
> VPN Client Software (For Faculty and Staff)
> VPN Client Software (For Current Students)
> Class Account Creation Request Form (For Instructors only)
> Computing Services Liability Waiver Form
> Continuation of Unix (Alpha) Account Request Form
> Coolcat/Datatel/Novell Account Request Form (For Faculty/Staff only)
> Data Port Re-Activation Form
> Departmental Web Site Request Form
> iPad Purchasing Request Form
> Mailing List Request Form (For Faculty/Staff only)
> Network IP Address Request Form
> New Unix (Alpha) Account Request Form
> Oracle License Agreement
> Room Reservation Request Form
> TCP Port Request Form
> Virtual Web Site Request Form (For Faculty/Staff only)
> Webmail Account Request Form (For Faculty/Staff only)
> Wiki Website Request Form (For Faculty/Staff only)
> Configure Outlook Express to Use my Home ISP Outgoing Mail Server
> Connect a PC to The Novell Netware Servers
> Coping With Unsolicited Email (SPAM)
> Create Your Webmail Account
> Download and Install VPN Software
> Obtain or Renew An Alpha Account
> Prevent from Email Blocking by ISPs
> Publish a Web Page From Alpha
> Use ThinkVantage Access Connections

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